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Artisan Ciabatta bread for catering and restaurants - Croigel
pane ciabatta surgelato precotto


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The Ciabatta is one of the most appreciated Italian breads, even abroad. Its dough is soft and velvety. Its crust is crunchy and fragrant. Perfect as a sandwich to be filled in, but also excellent as table bread, paired with with all kinds of dishes and cold cuts.

This bread supply also involves catering services, which can have at their disposal an Italian artisan bread, almost ready for use on the tables of banquets and buffets.

Bread for catering therefore assumes a primary role of accompaniment to the dishes, without being banal, but rather thought ad hoc for that specific menu and event.

Croigel produces frozen ciabatta bread (265 gr) for restaurants, catering and hotels.

Weight265 g
265 g
Carton net weight3,975 kg
3,975 kg
Packaging387 x 292 x 290
387 x 292 x 290
Storage-18°c for 12 months 12 hours thawed
-18°c for 12 months 12 hours thawed
Preparationpreheated oven at 220-230°c for 5-8 minutes
preheated oven at 220-230°c for 5-8 minutes


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