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Croigel, Quality and Passion for over 100 years

More than 100 years of history

Our mission is to bring to the table the deliciousness of freshly baked artisan bread, all day long.

We do it every day, from more than 100 years. We are inspired by those values we consider as a building block of our work and know-how: passion and respect for our products, the intimate connection with our land and local raw materials, and the careful attention to people needs.

The family business began in 1914 when a bakery was opened in Conselve (Padova), a small village in the shadow of the Colli Euganei.

We enlarged the company in 1985, when modern technological innovations complemented our traditional artisan working. The higher automation let our production process become more efficient, keeping at the same time our tradition in order to still get a rustic and artisan bread. Tasty, delicious, digestible and healthy as our bread has always used to be.

The combination of artisan work and innovation let us answer to the new market requests, drawing the interest of the large-scale distribution main brands and of some of the key players of foodservice sector, of which we are a trusted partner for many years now.

Today Croigel is led by the fourth generation of artisan bakers, but the preservation of the traditional quality of our artisan products is still our mission thanks to the use of high quality, 100% Italian raw materials, and hand-made production respecting tradition and natural rising time.