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Italian artisan bread for catering services and more - Croigel

Artisan bread for your special catering

At Croigel, with our frozen bread and frozen bakery products, we are suppliers of many excellent catering, to which we offer artisan bread for every need, with different size packs, as well as custom products.

One of the types of bread for catering services, suitable for all events and all necessities, is the ciabatta bread, with soft and velvety dough and a crunchy and fragrant crust. Ciabatta bread, cut into slices, is a deep expression of Italian taste in the most authentic and genuine simplicity.

Our bread supply includes many versions of it, from the most classic to the most particular, with potato dough, “rustica” and even grilled.

Bread for catering services is the essential accompaniment in the buffet of an event, in the gala dinner or at a wedding. It gives taste and colour, it goes well with cold cuts and cheeses during the aperitif and it goes well with wines that are sampled during a wine tasting. In all cases it is always an element to take into account and necessary for the success of the service.

Ciabatta bread is just one of the bakery products available for catering services, to which we can add other tasty proposals such as the “minirustichelle” (Minirustichella alla Zucca, Minirustichella Integrale) or “bastoncini“.



Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to give you more information and satisfy your requests!


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