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Supermarket Italian bread and bakery products - Croigel

Supermarket bread made in Italy

Croigel frozen bread and bakery products are well present and positioned in the main supermarket chains, both in Italy and abroad. We are already bread suppliers for Carrefour, Coop, Conad, Despar and many others in all regions of Italy, while abroad we have partnerships to provide supermarket bread with Rewe Group, Leclerc and Match.

The most popular supermarket bread is the baguette bread: symbol of the French culinary tradition, known and appreciated all over the world. Our bread supply includes a double version, to meet the different requests: the classic baguette 280gr and the organic baguette 150gr.

Both versions are long and tight with a golden and smooth crust, perfect as table bread, but also for crunchy sandwiches. The multiplicity of uses allows to sell the baguette in every period of the year, without undergoing any particular downturns.

In addition to this one we produce many other types of frozen Italian bread, such as “ciabatta” bread, “zoccoletto” bread and “rustichella” bread.



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