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Certified Quality Italian Bread - Our Certifications - Croigel

Certified quality

The observance of time, ingredients and gestures of an ancient know-how guides every stage of our production process.

Doughs rise naturally and slowly on wooden boards for a long time. After a first partial baking, the bread is frozen before being packed: this process lets the product organoleptic and nutritional characteristics be preserved, without using additives or preservatives.

Keeping the cold chain, our products are delivered to large-scale distribution stores and foodservice customers. Here operators have just to ultimate the baking (the final browning) for a few minutes. This way lets us bringto the table the deliciousness of freshly baked artisan bread, all day long.

All our products are strictly controlled according to HACCP method. An external institute (Epta Nord) carries out the microbiological monitor of our products in order to guarantee their healthiness and safety.

In addition, the quality of our bread is guaranteed by BIO (organic) and IFS voluntary certifications.