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Italian artisan bread for restaurants and hotels - Croigel

Artisan bread for restaurants and hotels

At Croigel we strongly believe that we can evaluate the quality of the service offered also from the bread served on the table; for this reason we focus attention on our particular bread supply for restaurants and hotels.

Our frozen bakery products offer a wide choice for restaurateurs, who can combine bread with their menu dishes, serve it cut at the table or prepare it in the classic bread baskets.

The most popular bread for a restaurant or a hotel is the bastoncino: a line of small bread, also available with green olives, durum wheat flour, corn and sunflower, malt and mixed seeds.

The bread basket is an excellent business card and that is why restaurateurs should carefully choose their bread supplier.

Croigel could advise you in the best way, among the various kinds of artisan bread such as ciabatta bread, Pane Arabo o Schiacciata Ligure, to find what suits best to your gastronomic offer.

To meet all the needs of those who require bread for their restaurants, we have finally developed special carton trays of 6 pieces of frozen bread, characterized by exceptional stock and use convenience.



Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to give you more information and satisfy your requests!


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