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Outside-home lunches: frozen bread for foodservice sector - Croigel

Outside-home lunches: frozen bread conquests the foodservice sector

How to meet consumers’ needs and requests for their outside-home lunches?

Today, consumers expect to find a large range of products meeting different needs for their outside-home lunches.

Customers entering a bar or a restaurant look for light and healthy lunches, easy and fast to consume and ready to eat. In order to meet these requests, the number of bars and restaurants that offer sandwiches and light snacks in their menu has increased consistently in recent years, with gourmet proposal aimig to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

In this context, frozen bread achieves more and more success, thanks to its ease of supplying and storage, the warranty of freshness and quality, and its user-friendliness.

Frozen bread gives indeed the players of the foodservice sector the possibility to use a wide range of formats, always fragrant and diversified, perfect both to eat in loco and to take away. In this way it is possible to transform bread and sandwiches from a base proposal to a gourmet experience.

Pranzi fuori casa, panini mix Croigel

Sandwiches as a gourmet experience. Some of our selected proposals for the foodservice sector.

Croigel suggestions for outside-home lunches

During last years Croigel has given more and more attention to outside-home lunches, investing to increase its range of products dedicated to the foodservice sector.

Our proposal ranges from traditional formats, like Ciabatte, Zoccoletti, Rustichelle and Tartarugona (conventional or organic version), to special breads with less refined flours or multi-cereals, enriched with seeds and particular ingredients like potatoes, pumpkin, walnuts or aloe. There are also some interesting regional specialties like PanVeneto, realized with 100% local ingredients, as well as the organic and healthy references, like Pane con malto e semi misti, a brown bread with toasted cereals and mixed seeds, with a delicate flavour.

To better meet the requests of the modern restaurateurs, we also worked to improve the offer of small format bread by realizing some multi-flavoured packaging with breads of 30-40 gr cad, perfect to be fill-in as mini-sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and also happy hour. Finally, in our range a special mention is for our Italian Pizza: we offer  fragrant proposals like focacce.

Despite the wide range of our offer, the use of excellent 100% Italian, GMO free raw materials is a characteristic of all our kind of pizzas and breads.