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Surgelati Magazine on Croigel's frozen regional breads - Croigel

Surgelati Magazine on Croigel’s frozen regional breads

During Cibus 2018, Surgelati Magazine realized a focus on frozen regional specialties in Italy. Among the respondents there was also Massimiliano Garbin, who described Croigel’s selection of classic and new regional breads.

Croigel’s frozen regional breads: traditional and new formats

“We offer many  regional specialties: from traditional bread formats with ancient peasant origin like the Bozza Toscana, the Bozza Puglieseand the TrecciaVeneziana, to the seasoned breads like the Bauletto Mantovano and the Schiacciata Ligure, rich in taste and flavour.

All our products are realized with 100% local Italian ingredients. Our PanVeneto, for example, is a soft and fragrant bread, produced with natural sourdough and a reduced amount of salt. The dough is characterised by the use of flour obtained from wheat cultivated in Veneto region among the provinces of Padova, Rovigo and Venezia, and by the addition of the Colli Euganei and Berici D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil, characterised by an intense gold-green colour and a harvest flavour.

Croigel's frozen regional breads: PanVeneto and Pane Verna

PanVeneto and Pane Verna are the newest regional format in Croigel’s selection.

The newest addition to our range of regional specialties is the Pane Verna: a rustic wholemeal bread produced with Verna flour, get from stone ground ancient grains. This kind of grains was abandoned in the past because of their low yield. Today, on the contrary, this flour has been reevaluated and it is really appreciated for its special qualities, like the low content of gluten which makes it very digestible.

All these products are available both for GDO (organized large-scale distribution) and for the Foodservice sector.”

Original article published on Surgelati Magazine n. 2/2018. Read  the complete report (in Italian).