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Gusto Magazine interviews Croigel about frozen bread - Croigel

Gusto Magazine interviews Croigel about frozen bread

If skilfully kneaded by respecting traditions and by choosing the best raw materials, the frozen bread preserves all the organoleptic characteristics and healthiness of the fresh bread.

Massimiliano Garbin, owner of Croigel, tells it in an interview published by Gusto Magazine.

Which balance has been implemented by Croigel between bread artisan production and modern technologies?

The evolution of the production process in Croigel has been constant during the last years, covering many aspects: focused controls to guarantee the security of the finished product, the introduction of the freezing process, and the use of forefront technologies and machines.

The automation of our production process makes it more efficient, preserving at the same time the traditional times and gestures of an artisanal activity, in order to get a rustic frozen bread which proves to be tasty, digestible, and healthy.

Many aspects of our production process are indeed the same as 100 years ago when my grandfather opened the first family bakery: the use of only local, high quality raw materials, as the DOP extra virgin olive oil of the Colli Euganei e Berici that we use for our PanVeneto; the respect of the dough leavening time, a very slow process done on natural wood boards; and the handmade production”.

Croigel's PanVeneto.

Croigel’s PanVeneto.

What affects the quality of the frozen bread?

The quality of frozen bread reflects that of the raw materials used for producing it. We use few base ingredients for our bread: flour, water, yeast and salt. A short label is a first, important sign of quality and authenticity.

In Croigel, we produce high quality bread by using only Italian raw materials (certified production chain), in many cases organic. If you carefully choose the raw materials, and if the baking of the bread is done in the correct way (that is to say without pushing dough leavening time, and baking the dough at the right temperature and humidity), then the frozen bread quality is almost indistinguishable from the one of the fresh bread. The frozen bread is often described as a less quality product as compared to the bread bought at the bakers’. But this is only an unfounded belief. You have simply to think that to get the frozen bread, we use a product storage process which is absolutely natural: indeed, freezing maintains the bread organoleptic characteristics and healthiness intact, without using additives or preservatives. A quality frozen bread will be fragrant, with the right browning, and with a delicate and balanced flavour”.

Original article published on Gusto Magazine on January, 2018. Read more >>here<< (italian).