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Croigel is online with its brand-new website! - Croigel

Croigel is online with its brand-new website!

We are proud to introduce Croigel’s brand-new website, an artisanal bakery company, producing frozen bread and frozen bakery products.

Our history began in 1914 when a small bakery was opened in Conselve (Padova). The family business expanded since 1985, when modern technological innovations complemented our traditional artisan working. The higher automation let our production process become more efficient, while maintaining an artisanal production process.

Today Croigel is led by the fourth generation of artisan bakers, an important milestone that we are glad to share with our customers and partners, by creating a brand-new website in which to present our products and their quality.

We hope that this website could become a reference point for bread lovers and for those who believe in the daily genuineness of this special food, always present on Italian tables as a fundamental ingredient of Mediterranean Diet.


Have a good browsing,

The Croigel staff