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Sicilian Bread, the newborn product in the Croigel family - Croigel

New product: Sicilian Bread, the newborn product in the Croigel family

In the constant search for local, excellent Italian raw materials Croigel landed in Sicily, where we selected a mix of local ingredients that inspired the creation of a new regional Italian bread: the “Pane Siciliano” (Sicilian Bread).

Sicilian Bread details

Croigel’s Sicilian bread is a mix of excellent Sicilian local raw materials

Sicilian Bread: all the flavors and aromas of Sicily in a bite of bread


Sicilian Bread results from the combination of traditional soft and durum wheats (the “Bianco di Tumminia” and the “Integra di Castelvetrano”), which we chose from the local ancient cultivars still cultivated in the Sicilian hinterland, in the southern Salso Imera river valley.

The stone-ground flours obtained from these traditional grains are particularly fragrant and have a high protein value while presenting at the same time a low gluten index.

This mix is the ideal base for the addition of durum wheat sourdough and Sicilian cave salt, an ancient and pure salt (not contaminated by microplastics, as unfortunately is the case with marine salt), which is extracted directly from the subsoil after 6 millions years.

The Nocellara del Belìce extra virgin olive oil adds a sweet and fruity note to the dough with hints of almond, green tomato, grass and artichoke.

The soft hearth of the Sicilian Bread is enclosed by a dark, golden and crunchy crust whose taste presents a toasted accent deriving from the Ispica sesame, recognized as a Slow-Food presidium.


Find out more about Sicilian Bread and download the technical sheet.