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IFS certification: retail trade standard for food safety - Croigel

IFS certification: the large-scale retail trade standard for quality and food safety

Our health is closely connected to the food we eat. In order to ensure the genuineness of its products, Croigel has decided to adopt a quality control and food safety management system through IFS Certification.


Croigel obtained IFS Certification in 2015 and has maintained it over the years through constant improvements.

IFS Certification is a food safety standard recognized throughout Europe (and worldwide), whose main purpose is to strengthen and promote food security along the entire supply chain. Its objective is the effective selection of large-scale retail trade’s food suppliers, based on their ability to supply safe products, complying with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

With this certification, Croigel demonstrates to the customers its commitment to food safety and compliance with food legislation, implementing it throughout its production chain.

The communication between management and staff guarantees the maintenance of a high standard production process, the hygiene standards and the quality of the products.

For Croigel, being IFS certified means giving the consumer a high-quality product, genuine and controlled throughout the entire production chain.